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Why Work With Us

We build Internet marketing campaigns for small business on small business budgets.

Campaigns that meet your customer at each stage of the buying cycle and builds Authority so they trust you when ready to make a purchase.

Using statistics, case studies, and reports from the largest marketing and research firms online we build you a unique stack of marketing campaigns that customers and Google love. Getting you the best results online.

Plus with our comprehensive marketing campaigns you can save 50%+ off regular agency prices.

Save 65% on our top video marketing packages including high converting ‘expert interview’ and ‘customer review’ videos with graphics and animations.

Plus save big on other campaigns, or graphic designs too.

From one-off services, to a few hundred monthly spend we can help you get the best results for your budget. Businesses that are ready to spend $1200-1500+ per month with our agency will get an amazing unique and comprehensive marketing campaign that you will not find anywhere else.

Designed to crush it driving more targeted traffic and converting more visitors into customers.

If you’d like to know more about working with us please give me the owner, Chris, a call or an email and I will personally make sure you get what you need.

Our products and services have been designed to position us as a strategic partner for small Canadian businesses.

Why should large fortune 1000 organizations be the only ones who can afford a comprehensive marketing campaign designed to really grow their online presence and boost sales.



Christopher is the owner, video producer, and Digital Marketing Consultant, at Christopher Jan Digital Media.

With a thorough understanding of Google’s algorithm updates, and the current digital marketing environment he knows how to successfully build a small business’s internet presence to get more customers while staying in Google’s good books.

To stay on top of what works in internet marketing he currently attends 5-10 hours of live “Internet Marketing Mastermind Training” every week plus time studying and implementing the hands-on lessons in traffic, advertising and sales, and automation tools.

And completed several Internet Marketing certificates:

  • HubSpot ‘Inbound Marketing’ certificate
  • Google Adwords Fundamentals – with 99%
  • Google Trusted Photographer – for inside business virtual tours
  • Google ‘Digital Garage’ certified – Internet marketing fundamentals. All 89 modules; such as marketing fundamentals; organic, inbound, PPC, and display search; email, social media, and video marketing; ecommerce; geo-targeting; and analytics

He studied ‘Digital Media and IT’ at NAIT. Included classes in graphic design, web coding, and video production. Learned HTML, the Adobe Creative Suite, and worked on several film sets. As well as Business classes at Athabasca University in Marketing research.

Christopher believes in building relationships by leading with value and strives to accomplish these by acting as a Digital Marketing Consultant first, educating you on marketing techniques and trends so you understand what is working and how to build a successful internet presence for your business.


Q)   If you do our marketing, how much involvement will you require from my team?

A) Initially we will need about an hour of your time, as the final decision maker, to watch a presentation overview of the project you would like us to work on for you. It is important you understand what we are doing so you can make informed decisions on important details. You will also learn a bit about the current marketing environment in which we are launching your campaign.

Then just a few follow up calls or emails to gather all the required info to begin your work – like logo, brand colours, etc. That will be about all. Depending on the campaign you may need to sign customers into a form. But we do all the work for you including creating and syndicating your content across the web.

Q   Will this really work for my industry?

A) Your marketing campaign will be customized to your individual business and industry. We understand how to find your target market online and deliver the solutions they are looking for.

Q)   What will it be like working together?

A) We offer open communications and transparency with our clients. We will give you a presentation on the work we will perform for you so you know exactly what to expect and can make informed decisions about your business. You will receive monthly reports showing stats and growth of your campaigns.

Q)   I don’t want to be on video; can you still do a video marketing campaign for us?

A) Yes, I have a solution for high quality productions that customers like – that don’t require you to be on video.

Q)   Why do you offer so much free stuff on your website?

A) It relates back to an experience I had about 25 years ago. A marketing guy approached me in a mall parking lot and offered me 10 FREE meals at the new Don Cherry’s restaurant that just recently opened up down the street.

His offer was get a “10X Buy-1 Get-1-Free” card for $25. When I asked him why, he told me they had to pay somebody for marketing. So, they would rather give the money to their customers in the form of free meals.

My philosophy is the same. I’d rather give samples of my work away for free to potential customers. Maybe you would like to try out our services before committing to a bigger project. Or you will remember us when you or a friend needs something in the near future. Basically we count it as part of our marketing cost.

Also, sometimes when we are releasing a new product or training a new employee we might put an offer in Beta so we can get a few customers in and learn from the process.

Q)   I’m ready to see a presentation. Where do I sign up?

A) If you know what it is you’d like, there will be some kind of sign-in form on that product page. Even if it’s for a free offer, you can sign in and let us know what you’d like when we call you.

Or you can call us or email our support team any time and just let us know you’d like to see a presentation and how it can help your business.

Phone: 780-819-9310

Email: support@cjanmedia.ca

We look forward to helping you get a successful marketing campaign optimized for your business. Talk soon.