Retargeting Ads


Retarget Your Website Visitors To Stay Front Of Mind Of Your Target Audience Online…

Until They Are Ready To Buy.


Like most businesses you probably spent a lot of time and money positioning your website to increase sales.

You are probably gaining more traffic, but slow building.

It’s important to hire a top website designer, and to work with a good SEO agency doing backlinks and blog articles, etc.


While these are good techniques to build traffic to your website and convert them into customers…

The problem remains; with all of your efforts to get more visitors – statistics show that 97% of website visitors still bounce without taking action.

A whopping 97% of visitors leave without picking up the phone to call you, filling out your contact form, or even signing up for your email campaign for your free newsletter.

Even the visitors who are ‘ready-to-buy’ right now, only 10% (3 out of 30) will convert into a customer with your business on their first visit.

Today’s BIG takeaway is to show you how you can significantly increase your sales without breaking the bank trying to drive 1000’s of new visitors to your website.


Discover how you can convert a greater number of the website visitors you already get – with a Retargeting campaign.

  • Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert with your business than a competitor.
  • Businesses that use retargeting see a 400% boost in response to other ads.

A typical breakdown of who your websites visitors are …

  • 30-50% of visitors are in research phase only.
    They are not yet ready to buy, but will eventually buy from somebody
  • 25% will never buy from anybody
  • The other 25-30% are ready to buy now, but…
  • Yet only about 10% of these ready to buy visitors will become a customer with you on their first visit.

That’s only 3% of your total visitors that will take action after visiting on your site

Whatever time and money you sacrificed to get all these visitors to your website, 97% risk being lost forever.

But you can now reduce that loss by retargeting them using banner ads.

Most sales happen only after a prospect has been exposed to your marketing message about 7 times. It’s known as The Rule of 7.

That is why it makes so much sense to retarget visitors with display banner ads on the other websites they visit across the web.

After all – It’s just irresponsible to let 27 out of every 30 “ready-to-buy-customers” to leave your site without sending them further communications via retargeting ads.

All the while looking professional and prestigious having your ads seen on big sites like CNN, Forbes, social media, and local news sites – as well as 97% of all other websites they visit.


Banner Ad Creative | Design & Copy

Every banner ad needs three elements to convert well:

  1. Branding
  2. Messaging
  3. Call to action


Make sure your brand/product/service is recognizable and remains consistent.
The ad must have the same wording or picture as the page it links to, or visitors are likely to bounce.


This is a good time to state your Value Proposition. Tell the customer why they should click on your ad rather than anything else on that website. You must get their interest and attention.

Call To Action:

Make a strong call to action that explains the reason the prospect should click the ad.

What is the ultimate reason you are asking them to click the ad. Or, what is the desired outcome for why they would choose to click your ad? For example will they Download-A-Guide, Learn-More, Purchase-Here, or make some other desired action?

Tips for optimal banner ad design and copy include:

– Must include Logo or clearly identifiable business name
– Deliver a single message
– Keep it minimal – don’t clutter your ad
– Headline should be about 3 words, and descriptive text should not exceed 2-3 lines
– Value proposition should take up most ad space
Examples of V.P.: “High Quality” / “50% Off” / “Limited Time Offer”
– Make the CTA relevant to action desired
– Use white space
– Colors: orange / yellow / green / blue purple / pink / black / white / grey / brown
– Simple typography – Keep silly font to a minimum
– The more similar the ad looks to the landing page, the lower the bounce rate
– Use 1 pixel grey border for white ad designs
– Don’t Use cursive/script fonts, extremely thin font weight, all uppercase copy, or font sizes smaller than a 10 pt (unless it’s a disclaimer or copyright notice)
– Keep files under 150 kb
Combat banner blindness with multiple ad banners served over time


Why Banner Blindness Steals Your Visibility

I’m sure you noticed ads retargeting you across the internet. Can you remember when you were targeted with the same banner ad too many times and began to ignore it and tune it out after you seen it too many times? That’s banner blindness.

Can you remember a time when you were being retargeted and were shown different ads over time? Using multiple ads was much more comfortable to you as a customer right? And is much more likely to get your business!

So, to get the biggest impact and reduce wasted impressions and ad spend, it is important to run a variety of ad designs in your retargeting campaign. You will get the most buyers over 3 months if you do it this way. We use 10 different ads scheduled to show one at a time, for a different amount of time, over three months to each customer after they leave your site.

Choose a retargeting Platform.

You have quite a few options of third party platforms for implementing your retargeting campaign.

Third-party platforms include AdRoll, Retargeter, Bizo, PerfectAudience and many more. As well as Google, and many social sites like Facebook and Twitter; but these sites will be targeted to their own platform only.

You should choose a Third-party platform that includes social media sites as well as elsewhere.

The first step to begin your retargeting campaign is simple:

Everything begins after you place the retargeting pixel on your website.

The pixel will immediately and automatically begin to build your audience by placing a cookie into the browser of all your visitors.

Using this cookie the ad network displays your ad to your previous visitors as they surf the web for up to six months.

Even if you are not ready to begin running ads it is a good idea to place the pixel and begin building your website audience.

Visitors can be retargeted for up to six months; so the sooner you begin, the bigger the audience you can begin marketing to when you are ready.

Next you will need to get your banners designed.

How do you decide what type of banner ads you should design? What should they look like and say? How many will you need?

To decide what type of banner you should use, you first need to understand what your visitors are looking for. Every visitor is a potential buyer and can be retargeted for up to 6 months.

There is no way of knowing who is who, but each visitor can be placed into one of three categories:

  1. They are looking for a good deal
  2. They prefer to do business with a reputable company
  3. They want a specific product/service

You can 10X your results by targeting each of the three buyers for up to three months, and periodically switching up your ad designs to counter banner blindness.

You can create ads based on a special offer; or to show off your great reputation; or showcase a specific product they viewed on your site.

A great strategy is to Retarget visitors using a combination of discount-offer Ads, Product Ads, and Reputation Ads, to be sure you target each different visitor and get the most conversions.

Set these ads up so they will be displayed in a timely and ordered manner one ad at a time and lost visitors will begin to trickle back to your website and convert into customers.

You should also create each banner into multiple sizes required to reach the most customers across multiple networks. My campaigns use 23 unique sizes and shapes so that you can be seen on most networks sites and get the most views.

Lastly, Split Test Ad Sets

Create multiple versions of your banner ad and test for the highest click-through conversions, leading to the most sales. Replace the lowest converting ads with the winning ad set.

To create a split test change the position of elements such as color, logo, and ad copy.



Q: How do I get a Retargeting Pixel?
A: If you work with an Ad Agency like us or directly with a Retargeting Platform, we will create the code you need [also called a Tag] and either insert it for you or email it to your Webmaster.

You can also get a retargeting pixel from Facebook, and with Google you can set up either of Google Analytics or Tag Manager or Remarketing Tag.

Q: Where do I place the retargeting Tag?
A: If you would like us to do it for you, just send a message and request a Retargeting Tag to be set up for you.

The tag has to be placed right before the closing tag on your website. And has to be on ALL of your website pages. You can place it in the footer, if the footer shows up on ALL of your pages.

Q: How do I know if the Tag has been placed properly?
A: Probably the easiest way is to use a Chrome extension called ‘Google Tag Assistant’ and it will show if it detects a code on your site. Or refer to your platform help or FAQ.

Q: How /where do I get my Banner Ads Designed?
A: We create banners for all our Retargeting Clients. We also design banners as a one-off service for any business. There are many online and local designers who will design banners for you.

P.S. We hope you got value out of this article and discovered a new technique that you can implement to turn more website visitors into paying customers.