Social Media

Graphic Designs: Cover Photos & Social Posts

Social Media is vital for today’s business to influence it’s marketplace. You can show people who you are and what you do; mingle with your community, and let your spirit shine.

And remember, the cover photos on your social media sites are like Internet highway billboards.


Take advantage of this advertising opportunity to look your best by keeping a similar theme on different platforms so people recognize you wherever they encounter your brand.

Build recognition and get more engagement and followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. when people recognize a similar theme in your cover photos. They do not have to be identical design, but should easily stand out as being similar to each other.

Consumers see businesses that are more organized and spend more effort on their appearance and how they communicate with customers on social media, as being more successful and are more likely to buy from them.

Our design team will help you organize your social profiles so you feel proud about your professionally designed cover images and social posts.

We guarantee your satisfaction. You will be thrilled with our design and your new congruent look.

And for a limited-time unbelievably – Lowest Prices on Cover Image Designs:

1 cover = $99  / 2 covers = $198  / 3 covers = $274  / 4 covers = $354  / 5 covers = $437  / (5 covers + 1 Instagram) = $479

Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter / Google+ / YouTube / & Instagram

Just contact our team by phone or email to get your social media designs.

Next step, we will get all required information from you like logo & pictures, and hand-off your design to one of our top designers.