Video Marketing

Using video marketing will get you more customers.

Small businesses have an opportunity to use video marketing like never before in history. And, adding video to the marketing mix has proven to increase a business’s bottom line!

Despite the huge cost that used to be involved, large business still created videos because they worked.


the cost of video has drastically declined, allowing today’s small business to add video marketing to their marketing mix; and they are reaping the harvest.

And to make everything even more interesting we just made it a whole lot more affordable for you to benefit from the video marketing trend.

We specialize in digital marketing for small business and keep prices low to help you afford the most successful marketing campaigns for your business.

Get a video plus a year’s worth of traffic for less than the cost of the video alone! Of course we can produce the video without a traffic package; I’m just saying!

Look around and see how much it costs to hire a video marketing agency in your town. Unless you have a high priced product or very high turnover, it is expensive for both a quality video production and for traffic too.

We solved that problem. Check us out now to get an affordable video marketing campaign that includes a quality video production and targeted traffic directed to your video.

If you don’t know:

  • YouTube says: Video consumption rises 100% year over year
  • After watching a video, 64% of viewers are more likely to buy your product
  • 80% of viewers say they remember a video they watched in the last 30 days

Now that consumers are engaging with marketing videos online – here’s five of the top types of video, proven to convert traffic, for small business:

  • Expert Interview Video
  • Product /Service Demonstration
  • General Company or Product Marketing Info
  • FAQ’s: Turn customers most frequent Q’s into a video
  • Reputation Video: Either a video testimonial or an online review

The problem is that not all employees, business owners, or their customers feel comfortable being on video.

So we discovered a solution to create the same high converting videos for these clients without compromising video quality or our low cost. Using a spokesmodel and green-screen studio we create high-converting videos with an “on-location” look and feel to make your business look like an industry leader.

Simply call us today, or email us to get more information about starting a video production that’s right for your business.

If you just want help to produce a video yourself we can help you choose the best type of video, and write the script and storyboard so all you have to do is hit record.

More and more business are taking video production in-house … and we can help you prepare for that too.

Looking forward to helping you get a fun high-converting video production and traffic. Give us a call today.